Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Near and Dear

This is my personal cluster necklace... I wear it all of the time, it is part of me! I believe in luck and am some what spiritual and like to think that these sentimental charms and stones will protect me from harm and shower me with good vibes. The gold medallion is from my Grandma, Mary Alice, she wore it everyday and was wearing it when she passed away and that is when it was given to me. The heart is from my other Grandmother, Daisy Florine, she found it in a box of "stuff" and we both thought it was cute, so that made it special... The ruby is my birthstone and beautiful on it's own. The bird, I like to think of as a symbol of freedom, it is vintage sterling silver. I made the wire charm holder and it sits nicely on a gold chain.
I like to turn ordinary everyday things into little amulets or talismans. I think if someone special touched it then they put their power into it and now it will protect me.
I used to wear this necklace every single day, in the shower and to the river etc... but, I have had too many freak out moments when I have taken it off, so I reserve it for when I travel and when I feel like I need extra protection.
They are fun to make, start searching for special charms, beads, momento's, medallions etc. I would love to create something special and meaningful for you!

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